Checkout our latest updates 
& coming features below
Checkout our latest updates 
& coming features below
April 2018
  Move videos from projects
We’re updating the flow of campaigns so you’ll be able to easily move videos from one campaign to another. 
May 2018
  Gif Creator
We have now added the ability to turn any video you upload into vidello, into a powerful gif you can now add into your email broadcasts as well as share on social platforms to get more clicks and traffic to your sites! 

Watch a full preview here: vidello.com/gif-creator
September 2018
  All New Mobile Player
We have just released one of our most exciting updates, the all new vidello player fully optimised for mobile. Although vidello's player has always been mobile responsive, the player has been streamed through the native player on most mobile devices. Now it is streamed inside the vidello player and all of the apps and CTA's appear seamlessly on all devices! Check out full details here: vidello.com/mobile
December 2018
  Interactive video polls
Ever wanted to run quick polls to find out important info from your viewers and membership site subscribers? We're going to make that possible in just a jiffy with interactive video polls. Stay tuned!

Check it out here: Watch how to use polls

March 2019
Facebook Pixel’s
We’re adding the ability to input your Facebook pixel’s into your videos for retargetting. As well as the ability to add custom HTML.
April 2018
  Video SEO 
With vidello’s new SEO feature’s, you can automatically optimize your video’s for the search engines. We inject the video’s metadata into your site’s header to boost your site’s traffic with video SEO. 

Check it out here: vidello.com/video-seo
July 2018
  Video Playlists
With video playlists, you’ll be able to show multiple videos inside of one container. Simply displaying all available videos on the side of the video for users to choose which one they’d like to play! 

Check it out here: vidello.com/playlists
October 2018
You can now create chapters and bookmarks inside your videos. These are great for training videos, membership site content, webinar replays and longer videos, giving your viewers an outline of your content and quick links to certain points in your video.

Check it out here: Watch how to use chapters
January 2019
New App Templates
We’re going to be adding some new app templates tog ive you some more freshly designed cta’s to add to your videos!
March 2019
BIG Secret video project
We're currently working on a major new addition to the vidello family. This will be our biggest update so far and something you're going to absolutely LOVE! But for now we're keeping it TOP SECRET. Sorry ;)
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