Uploading your first video
To get started, simply create a new project. A project is simply a folder you can use to store your videos and keep them nicely organised for specific projects you are working on. Inside your project folder you can then upload as many videos as you like. Watch the above video to see how to create a project folder and upload your first video.
The vidello editor
Customising your video player inside vidello is easy. After you upload your video, simply click on the video thumbnail to access the editor. Inside the editor you can adjust the player colour, add your logo, configure the player settings as well as add powerful marketing apps and more all from the left side bar. Watch the above video to see how to quickly configure your player. For more advanced tutorials click on the "Apps & Features" tab below.
Interactive Polls
You want to know what your viewers and customers want, like and need? Well now you can! With polls you can gain valuable insights by simply displaying a multi-choice poll directly inside your videos. Then inside the analytics page you can find out exact results and read through comments from your viewers. Helping you to better understand your customers and what you can do to enhance your products or services based on viewer feedback.

Gif Creator
Create animated gifs from any part of your video inside the vidello editor. These are great for adding to emails to increase your click through rate. Inside the editor, simply click on the gif creator from the left side bar. On the timeline select the start and end point of your gif and hit create. Once the gif is created you can preview the gif or click download to export it to your computer. We recommend creating gifs between 5-10 seconds max depending on  the file size for faster loading times.

Video Pages
Quickly display your videos on vidello's video pages. Great for giving your clients a preview of your videos or quickly sharing a link to a video.

Bookmark important parts of your video using chapters by vidello. Chapters are a great way to give your viewers quick links to the most important parts of your videos, enabling them to cut straight to the places they want. Use chapters on membership training content, tutorial videos and webinar replays.

Optimize your videos for the search results with vidello's automatic video seo. You can also customise the description before you embed your videos. Watch how to do just that in the video above.

Increase conversions by incentivising your viewers to take action with discount coupons. Add a timed coupon slide to pop up or over your video at the exact time your viewers are ready to buy. Watch the video above to view how to use the coupon app on your videos,

Adding frames to your videos
Wanna make your videos stand out from the crowd? Add on a professional border or frame to give it a more classy look. With vidello you can add beautiful mobile, laptop & desktop devices around your video in just a click, as well as other custom borders & frames! Watch the above video to find out how.

Lower Thirds
Brand your videos with professional lower third animations. Simply select the style you like change the text and images and set the start time for the animation. That's it. Watch how it works in the above video.

Showcase multiple videos inside a gorgeous playlist. Playlists are great for membership areas, product page videos and enabling you to save space on your site while displaying multiple videos in a compact and neat video box. Watch how to create them quickly inside of vidello.

Sticky videos
With sticky videos you can set your videos to stick to the top or bottom of the page while your viewers scroll up and down your landing page. Watch the above video to find out how to use this on your sites!

Adding Images 
Add images and banner ads directly onto your videos with custom animations and clickable links. It's as easy as selecting the image app, uploading an image and selecting your animation! Watch how it works in the above video.

Quickly copy the player settings from one video to another using video presets. This will save you a load of time if you want multiple videos to look the same. Watch how it works in the above video.

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