Optimize your videos with vidello’s video apps!
Add powerful marketing & video engagement apps to grow your leads, sales & viewer engagement and all without any complicated tech skills.
Powerful Apps for Digital Marketing
Whether you want to make sales, collect leads or get your videos shared through social platforms  
we have apps specifically designed to cater for your video marketing needs!
Simple video management
Upload and host all of your videos inside neatly organised project folders. Easily shift videos between folders and keep every project well organised for the video side of your business.
Switch videos between projects
Quickly arrange your videos into different project folders by simply selecting a video, and choosing your preferred folder. 
Collect leads directly from inside your videos
Don’t just let your visitors leave after watching your video. Add email capture forms and start building your email list to re-market to them. Add them into follow up sequences with your favourite marketing automation platforms.
Increase conversions by offering coupons for action takers
Increase conversions through incentivising your viewers to take action now with limited time discount coupons. Display live countdown timers on your slides and enjoy more customers coming through your front door.
Gain valuable viewer insights with interactive polls
Run interactive polls to gain valuable insights from your viewers and give your members a premium experience with incredible video tools.
Brand yourself as an expert with animated lower thirds
Make your videos even more impressive with animated lower thirds. You can choose from a wide range of templates, customise the text, images and colours and add onto any video with just a click! 
Drive sales on your eCommerce store with sales slides & popovers
Display direct buy now slides and popovers on your product page videos to send interested viewers direct to checkout in just a click. The best way to convert more sales directly from inside your videos.
Connecting you with your viewers friends & contacts with one-click
Give your viewers an opportunity to share your video with their friends and contacts on social media, turning viewers into your own marketing partners in just a click. 
Send viewers direct to checkout with our sales app
Your video is meant to make you sales, and now it can by adding on our sales app. You can directly add a buy now button with the link to checkout to send viewers straight to checkout - Brilliant! We think so too.
Display important & helpful notes with animated note boxes
Ever made a video and forgot to mention something? Usually you'd have to recreate the video from scratch, which takes time. With note box you don't have too! Simply select a note box style, add important text based notes and display them at the exact time you'd like on the timeline. Problem - Solved!
Ready to unleash the power of video in your business?
Ready to unleash the power of video in your business?